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Ask The Bagaholicboy #124 – A Graduation Gift And Other Bits…

August 12, 2013

Q: Dear Bagaholicboy, help. My kid brother is graduating soon and joining the workforce in a couple of months....

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Louis Vuitton Epi Sac Plat

August 11, 2013

With prices the way they are now at Louis Vuitton, you’ll be hard pressed to find a decent leather...

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Ask The Bagaholicboy #123 – How Do I Care For Vachetta Leather And Other Bits…

August 4, 2013

Q: Hello Bagaholicboy, first of all, thank you for your wonderful blog! It’s fascinating and captivating. I would like to...

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Louis Vuitton Talisman Loafers

July 26, 2013

Here’s a quick update regarding both pairs of Louis Vuitton loafers that had everyone talking the moment they hit...

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Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection

July 21, 2013

I’ll spare you the PR spiel that explains the Louis Vuitton’s new addition, the Parnasséa collection that’s made up of...

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Louis Vuitton Samara Reporter

July 10, 2013

Depending on who you ask, Samara means different things, from a city in Russia to a game reserve situation...

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Fall-Winter 2013 Mens Louis Vuitton

July 4, 2013

Because Kim Jones was (and still is) the best thing to have happened to Louis Vuitton as far as...

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Louis Vuitton Epi Neverfull

July 2, 2013

Because I had a hunch that this was going to happen sooner or later, I wasn’t really surprised when...

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Speedy20

July 1, 2013

It probably isn’t fair to single out just one bag from the Fall-Winter 2013 Womens Louis Vuitton collection and...

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube

June 10, 2013

From Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection comes an old bag given a new makeover. Known as the Louis Vuitton...

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Sounds like the prices in Paris are better than the US? Was in Vegas this past weekend and...

Victoria on Bagaholicboy News #247 – Euro Prices For Chanel Classic Flap, 2.55 & Boy
09:58 AM Apr 17

Have a read here. http://bagaholicboy.com/2013/06/bagaholicboy-news-247-euro-prices-for-chanel-classic-flap-2-55-boy-june-2013/

Bagaholicboy on Bagaholicboy Muses #459 – Yellow Fever
09:07 AM Apr 17

Thanks for the update Bel!

Bagaholicboy on Bagaholicboy News #247 – Euro Prices For Chanel Classic Flap, 2.55 & Boy
09:02 AM Apr 17

hey hey, i just came back from paris last sunday. and my SA at RC whispered to me price adjustments...

Bel on Bagaholicboy News #247 – Euro Prices For Chanel Classic Flap, 2.55 & Boy
10:44 PM Apr 16