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chanel_5-new-chapters-5-short-films Chanel: 5 New Chapters, 5 Short Films

September 12, 2013

Specially created to celebrate the life and loves of Gabrielle Chanel is a series of 5 new short films,...

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chanel_diamond-flap-bag Chanel ‘Diamond’ Flap Bag

September 10, 2013

A new style from Chanel this season is the Chanel ‘Diamond’ Flap Bag, one of at least 3 styles...

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chanel_paris-edinburgh-metiers-d-art-2013-boy-chanel-wallets Chanel Paris-Edinburgh Métiers d’Art 2013 Boy Chanel Wallets

August 18, 2013

In case you weren’t paying attention earlier, these 2 Boy Chanel wallets are still my favourites from the Paris-Edinburgh Métiers...

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chanel_khaki-suede-yellow-tweed-short-boot Chanel Khaki Suede & Yellow Tweed Short Boot

July 28, 2013

With my last post being one on loafers for the boys, I thought it would be apt to follow...

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chanel_fw13-boy-chanel-collection3 Chanel F/W13 Boy Chanel Collection

July 14, 2013

Guaranteed to give many of you sleepless nights, may I present the Boy Chanel bags that will released as...

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chanel_fw13-plexiglas-clutch-pochette Chanel F/W13 Plexiglas Clutch Pochette

July 13, 2013

If you thought you’d seen the last of that now infamous ‘Lego’ clutch from S/S13 Chanel, think again. From the...

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chanel_fw13-plexiglas-globe-clutch Chanel F/W13 Plexiglas Globe Clutch

July 12, 2013

Because it’s Friday, I thought a little Chanel is in order, though honestly, as far as I’m concerned, Chanel...

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chanel_paris-edinburgh-2013-collection-jewellery1 Chanel Paris-Edinburgh Métiers d’Art 2013 Collection: Jewellery

June 28, 2013

As you’ve already seen the gorgeous SLGs from the Chanel Paris-Edinburgh Métiers d’Art 2013 collection that’s now available in...

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chanel_paris-edinburgh-2013-collection2 Chanel Paris-Edinburgh Métiers d’Art 2013 Collection

June 27, 2013

It’s amazing what a well-thought out colour palette, double-stitched quilted lambskin, tartan detailing and lambskin treated to look like tweed...

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chanel_coco-sporran-flask Chanel Coco Sporran Flask

June 24, 2013

While it’s not exactly a bag per se, I thought it would be interesting to feature the Chanel Coco...

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  • CartierAsymmetric Clutch


Hi David did you manage to see the short billfold wallet? Would the inside be blue as well? Congrats...

joanna on Louis Vuitton V Printed Mono Bleu Collection
10:35 AM Jan 29

I like them!!! Thanks for posting these, time to hint. (FB)

Julio Shapiro on Louis Vuitton V Printed Mono Bleu Collection
11:06 PM Jan 28

Thanks for the update and I'm glad you love it too!

Bagaholicboy on Louis Vuitton V Printed Mono Bleu Collection
11:04 PM Jan 28

Hi, got the long wallet today. The inside of the wallet is all leather in blue. Very functional. I...

David on Louis Vuitton V Printed Mono Bleu Collection
10:55 PM Jan 28

Yes, the price of Hermes is still cheaper in the USA after tax. I bought a Alfred last year...

David on Hermès Silk Twilly: Price Index 2015
07:19 PM Jan 28

It's the French flag (the rooster, le coq, is the French national symbol).

Tori on Goyard Grenelle (Passport Holder)
09:58 AM Jan 28


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