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With just 11 or so more days till the H&M + Marni collaboration collection launches world wide (including Singapore) on 8 March 2012, here’s a quick look at the accompanying ad campaign, starring models Imogen Poots, Liu Wen and Sam Hayes. Set against a backdrop that evokes the best of Morocco, the ad campaign (like the commercial that was released much earlier) is dreamy and sultry, due mostly to Imogen’s come-hither poses.

Check out the full campaign here on Facebook, as well as these posts, which include the collection’s prices in SGD, along with 10 things you should know about the collection.

More importantly, I will be giving away 3 exclusive H&M + Marni scarves courtesy of H&M Singapore very, very soon, in a unique pattern/design that won’t be available for sale come 8 March. If you want to win it, I would advise you to check out all the links I posted earlier, bookmark this post and keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE: To win the lone #marniathm scarf I’m giving away here (the other two will be given away on Facebook and Twitter), simply tell me in the post’s comments which look or single item from the collection is your favourite, and why. The most articulate, or most interesting answer (as decided by me) will be the winner, which I’ll decide this Friday. Good luck!

Image: H&M

YOU SHOULD SEE: H&M + Marni Look Book
YOU SHOULD SEE: 10 Things You Should Know About The H&M + Marni Collection

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  • Jade Manalac says:

    woot! exciting! is it open to all readers or for those living in Singapore only?

  • glenn says:

    the t-shirt is so cute. i must have it!!

  • shin yee says:

    I want to win the scarf!! I like the silk dress from your look book, look 3. I love the cut of the dress, the color and the design! Most importantly I look best in dresses!!

  • Joy Tan says:

    Hands down, it’s got to be the blazer in the Mens’ H&M + Marni Look 22. I know my boy will look stunning in it! It’s a classic dress-me-up. The structure is just so beautiful. I’d steal it from him, and share the scarf with him by showing him the Look 17!

  • qeeee says:

    I’m cray cray for all of the accessories from the HM Marni collection and winning this scarf from you will be the icing on the cake as I wear it while queuing up for the rest of the pieces come March 8!

  • Mervyn says:

    Oh lord, it has to be the blouse that Imogen Poots is wearing in the 1st campaign shot. The print, structure and intricate detailing are absolutely gorgeous. She looks darling in that liquid gold blouse!

  • Shu Juan says:

    Contrary to what Bagaholicboy felt about the ‘ho-hum’ bag designs in this Marni + HM collection, I thought they are pretty good complements to the apparels! They could also stretch the mileage even for daily use. My favourite would be the leather bag in burnt orange (S$159), cannot resist the color.

    Scarves ain’t easy-to-wear neck accessories especially in Singapore in my opinion, so I really like how Look 13 pumps up the retro-chic factor instantly to the otherwise plain-looking bag, and not just around the neck!

  • alina says:

    I absolutely love the silk dress from Womens Look 3. The details of the circle prints look amazing and especially the shot that was taken at the Moroccan villa makes me feel like packing the dress in a bag and hop onto a plane for a getaway. I can definitely wear it for work, on the weekends and especially at the beach. The price is way more reasonable than the Lanvin and Versace collections. Thanks for the look book.

  • kutik says:

    The shirt from Look 19 would be the ultimate example of Marni chic design for the H&M + Marni Collection, the quirky detail pattern of the print would definitely bring some character to whatever you pair it with. Versatile enough to pair it with the H&M ? Marni shorts for a summer getaway to a beach party or dress it down with some white chinos and some suede loafers to chill out with friends. Specially now that Spring Summer 2012 is all about the details and the print, This is sure one piece that would let you stand out!

  • Jeds Rabe says:

    I really like the bag from the womens look 13 because I think the design and color is chic enough to go with most outfits and roomy enough to hold the stuffs that I carry with me all the time, everywhere. And tying a scarf on the bag will make it even more stylish.

  • winsy says:

    Look 2 for me. Marni truimphs as always with prints that’s fresh and yet laidback cool. Not to mention, it’s subtle at the same time. Bring the scarf back the classic and divine way? You can’t say no to that.

  • Jade Manalac says:

    I have my eye locked on Look 19. Among all the collection for the men, this look I think really represents what MARNI is. The cool pattern and colors is so MARNI! And don’t let me started with those SANDALS every since I saw them in the video teaser on H&M. I knew from that moment I wanted those SANDALS and I gotta have them!

  • Ai-Lin says:

    Just like everyone else, I love the dress from Look 3. I would like the scarf as I think my wardrobe has too many clothes in stripes and I need to move on to polka dots! So, save me from the stripes!

  • Yusra says:

    I love the trousers from Look 14. I love how it looks like the traditional Malay batik print. I love how it was paired with the patent leather top. I love the effect of something plain against the batik look-a-like trousers. It screams chic because if someone were to wear exactly that look, I would be expecting them to pair it with normal black trousers but the look is fresh and just… too beautiful for words.

  • Chan Poh Ching says:

    HM + Marni Womans Look 12! I like this unique Marni chic and elegant look very much! Simply very Like! Not easy to find nice and trendy long skirt these days. Thumbs up!

  • Mei says:

    My favorite is the necklace in Look 1! It’s outrageous and classy, definitely can make any outfit pop. It should be able to go with every possible color combi. Screams of the eccentric and geometric Marni flair. I’m definitely making a beeline of it next week.

  • Brian says:

    Smart. Sharp. Stylish. Marni. This is the vibe I get from Look # 20.

    The subdued, effortlessly chic aesthetic of this look encapsulates the whole Marni vision yet still stays relevant and true with what H&M is all about.

    While wearing this look, one will feel the classy sophistication of Marni and the youthful edginess of H&M.

    The colors of this look might be muted but definitely not boring. I could picture myself wearing this look while on vacation, leisurely discovering the small alleys of Paris… and having heads turn. And if a stylish Parisian would ask me where I got my look, I would proudly say, “It’s Marni for H&M” with a wink!

    This stylish newspaper-boy look is so perfect when cycling in Paris. Well, of course, what is missing in this look is a stylish Marni x H&M scarf to punctuate the chicness.

  • Kelvin says:

    Hi Bagaholicboy! I’m obsessed with the chunky accesories, it’s really a key statement from the womenswear collection, very very chic! Those sandals,platform, and silk dresses and the polkadots skirts are to die for! *ATTENTION LADIES!*

    For menswear, I love the sandals, the retro cool shades, the blue silk short and shirt, simply cool, sleek and luxe. The tote bag is so well structured, cool combination and manly chic. Lastly of course, those silk scarves, just beautiful! Sartorial pick! Bag me of of those above please? thank you!

  • Gary lumapas says:

    I love the sandals, the shoes and the bags. If I should choose one it must be bag as it will carry everything of mine and last a lifetime!

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