Céline Fox Tail Key Ring

Fur has been around as a must-have fashion accessory ever since fox tails first appeared last year at Louis Vuitton (which sold out in a flash, by the way), followed by Prada’s fur stoles for S/S11. Very soon you’ll be spotting these all over town, courtesy of Phoebe Philo who aims to make her accessory the must-buy for F/W11.

Simply known as the Céline Fox Tail Key Ring, I was initially torn when I first discovered them online. I knew they would be really expensive but my mantra is as always: if you want something bad enough, you’ll just have to save for it.

To make things worse, I would picture baby foxes frolicking in the woodlands without their tails, which made me feel really guilty. I’m no animal activist, but I would like to think I have some semblance of a heart (with a dash of conscience) buried somewhere within me.

Conflicted, and with a heavy heart, I decided to send an email to the local press office. I had a hunch, but it needed to be proven.

The reply came soon after. Besides the fact that the key rings will come in 3 colours (Black, Khaki and Natural), they will retail for SGD420 a pop. Which only meant one thing. There was no way the key rings could be real fur given the price; I could get any (or all) of the key rings (and my conscience would still be intact. I could use it as a key ring, dangle it off a bag, but will never hook it to my belt loop. I was born without a tail and I would like to stay that way.

The key rings will be launched in Singapore come August/September (no, it is never too early to start wait listing or saving) and they will be available at Céline Ngee Ann City.

Images: Céline

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  • JuanStyle says:

    I have felt and touch a real fox fur before from my Lola’s (grandma’s) closet. Though it feels super soft and luxurious I cant bare to look at it too long w/o having guilt feelin. But this faux fur of Celine is a two thumbs up for me!

  • Jeremy says:

    Fendi had these balls of fox fur keychains at the size of a man’s palm retailing at RM660. Those were real fur.

    • N says:

      Yes but these are tails, they are limited one to each fox which makes them more limited than just a ball of scrap fur.

  • Vivi says:

    You can easily purchase real fox tails/tail-shaped fox fur off ebay shops (sold by hunters and the likes) for cheaper than 40 bucks. I’m pretty sure those could always be real unless the company decided to use faux fur to please the animal lovers.

  • Ismael says:

    This blog is awesooommmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and I love me some tails!

  • i love the fox tail key ring id love to put it on my hac but im not sure. (FB)

  • will love to have the black one! (FB)

  • Emma says:

    The fur tails are gorgeous. I love them, LV did them also and Victoria Beckham has one. Real is much nicer than faux and fairly cheap also.

  • David says:

    Love the fox tails as much as I love those clutches. Any prices on the clutches?

  • V says:

    Real fur is fairly cheap? Fendi’s fur sells upwards of $15,000 compared to faux fur!

    Either way, as much as this looks awesome in print, it will look ridiculous when it gets translated to the streets. Who else (other than VB walking through Heathrow) can carry this off with panache?

  • cindy says:

    real fox fur doesn’t cost all that much… saw on ebay for $30 new real fox tail key chains… fluffy like lv’s. vendor was selling multiple quantities. mink is different story.

  • Aela says:

    They’re now available in SG ad I must say they’re as plush and lovely as they look on the photos! The khaki one is simply divine!

  • Emma says:

    Gorgeous, the tails are fabulous.

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