Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Collection (F/W10)

Campaign images from Sofia Coppola’s second collection for Louis Vuitton have slowly started appearing all over the blogosphere, and since this is one of my favourite collections from Louis Vuitton proper, I thought it would be apt to do a quick post.

Understated and elegant, the Louis Vuitton SC Bag will be re-released in new colours and materials, including suede in two different colours, as well as Cream, Chocolate and Cobalt (shown above) for the SC Bag in calf leather. Available in 2 sizes, they will retail for SGD4750 and SGD5750 respectively.

Here’s the one in suede which will retail for SGD5750 apiece in Singapore. I did a quick check with Louis Vuitton’s hotline, and was informed that these are not currently available in Singapore yet. Whether they will make it eventually (or in limited quantities) still remains to be seen. The truth is this: as much as I feel that this is a classy and understated collection, I’ve not seen many traipsing the streets of Singapore with their proud owners. In fact, how many women out there can justify spending so much for an everyday bag?

Here is Ms Coppola with the SC Bag in exotic alligator (or crocodile), which I’m still not able to get the pricing for. Then again, not knowing is probably better and when the day comes when one is flush with a lottery win, you’ll probably not bother with how much it actually costs anyway.

Follow the link and check out more images I’ve just uploaded. And don’t forget to keep some tissue handy, you’ll need that to wipe your drool.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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